Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liam Update & Happy New Year

I've been meaning to update everyone with a new post for a while now and thought now would be the time. Liam is out shopping with Grandma and Josiah is playing games on my iPad, so all is quite at our house. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with happiness, joy and travelling. We managed to spend the holidays with all the grandparents, so the boys were very excited. Josiah wanted Skylanders more than anything and has played with his game ever since. Liam asked Santa for a Transformers Car, which took Santa a little while to figure out, but finally deciphered it was a Cars transforming toy that turned into an airplane. Phew!
We went to see Santa!
Just two weeks ago Liam had his check-up MRI and we were hoping for some good news. However, last Friday, at his weekly chemo appointment, Dr. Cavellari told me the bad news. Liam's tumor, has grown in size... not just a little, but it has almost doubled in size! He told me a few reasons this could happen:

1. When chemo begins, nearby tumor pieces tend to clump together.
2. This specific treatment just isn't working for him.

So, what is the next step? Well, we changed the treatment over to another form of chemotherapy. Cory took Liam in this past Friday for the first dose and found out all of the details. Apparently, it is about as strong and has many of the same side effects as the vincristine he was on before. There is a small chance he will lose his hair, BUT the doctor thinks he may not since he didn't with the last treatment. Liam has absolutely refused to get his hair cut and pitches a fit when we walk into Great Clips, so we have to figure something out now! Any ideas?

Since Friday, Liam has gone non-stop, so I am pretty sure he has not suffered any side effects so far! Knock on wood! This treatment will be much longer-- at least 6 months going every Friday. However, when they inject the medicine into his port, it is very fast. No sitting still for an hour! Woot! I'm not looking forward to all of that driving, but really hoping and praying this will do the trick and we will be done with chemo once and for all.

Thanks for all the warm wishes, prayers and the donations! This has really helped us through everything and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. So sorry to hear about the latest update. That would be so hard to hear. I pray he doesn't lose his hair and if he does you're able to find a way to help him through it. I'm glad the treatments go faster, too!

  2. I always have Liam in my prayers. I really hope this treatment works and so glad to hear he's doing well after the one Friday, that's great.