Friday, October 26, 2012

All Is Seemingly Back To Normal This Week

All is well in our house and everything is seemingly "normal" again! What a week Liam had with his pneumonia. Luckily, his antibiotics and shots from the doctor helped him and his back to his old self again. I finally heard back from the nurse and Liam is now scheduled for his first chemo treatment on Friday, November 2nd. They want us to come in on Fridays, so I am guessing we will go in every Friday for the next 13 weeks starting next week. I'm still in denial. None of this seems real except the port in his chest, or as Liam says, "I have my own porch". lol!

He and Josiah are back to their usual antics. Liam may be the little brother, but he always stands up for himself and wins most battles with Josiah. He's such a strong little boy and a fighter. We will never be ready for this, but I'm confident he will face this challenge head on and come out victorious.
Playing with his birthday present from Grandma, Chuggington Choo Choo!
I am actually happy he doesn't begin treatment until after Halloween. He is so excited to go trick or treating this year as a monkey! Now I know he will feel fine and be able to walk around all day to collect treats. I can't wait to see him in his adorable Tom Alva costume.

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